Terms of Business

My terms of business set out the terms of the contract for the provision of my services that will be formed between us when you instruct me as a notary.   Please note that the contract creates legally binding obligations upon each of us.  In particular, the contract sets out the basis of my fee charges and mechanisms for me to recover payment from you for my fees, disbursements and expenses.  Please read my terms of business carefully and let me know if you have any questions before we proceed.

As a consumer, certain rights of cancellation of our contract are available to you.  The easiest means to cancel our contract is to email me.  It is possible to use a form for the purpose, and a template form is available here:  Form of cancellation of consumer contract

Your personal information

When you contact me, I will be in receipt of your personal information (such as your name, your email address and your phone number).  

When you send me documents relating to your transaction, that information may contain further personal information, such as your address, names of your relatives and other sensitive information.

My privacy policy governs my use and storage of your information.

Broadly speaking, I will use and retain your information indefinitely ,for the purposes of fulfilling my legal and regulatory obligations; in particular, where I create a public form notarial act to meet your needs, I am obliged to retain a  copy of that notarial act forever.

My fees

After you contact me, I will provide you with an estimate of the likely fees involved to meet your requirements.

After you instruct me, I will send you a client care letter setting out my fees for the work required.

My fees will be calculated by reference to a number of factors, including the time required for me to complete the work.  Often, a notarial act is required urgently and I will do my best to meet those time requirements; the more urgently the work is required, the higher my fee will be, reflecting that I may have to contact other clients to defer their work in order to do yours.  For more complicated or time-consuming matters, my fee will be based on my hourly rate of £200 per hour, plus disbursements and my expenses.  My minimum fee for a notarising a document is £195 unless I have advised you in writing that a lower fee will apply.

When considering my estimate, please keep in mind that my notarial guarantee of your documents will be a guarantee that is recognised everywhere in the world and one which saves you having to travel to the country in question to complete your transaction. Please also keep in mind that many notaries quote a lower notarial fee to win your instructions but inflate the charges of the disbursements meaning that you could end up paying a higher amount than is strictly necessary.

Additional costs

My final fee quote will describe  costs (in addition to my fees) for which you will responsible where they are incurred in the course of my work.  I will require payment of these costs upfront , immediately before I incur them.  Additional costs may include but not be limited to:

- costs incurred for enotarisation of your documents (an eapostille costs £35; I incur a software platform fee to allow me to create the eapostille and that is £25; hence, I charge £60 for an eapostille)

- the cost of any apostille (I charge £62, which includes my arrangement costs and an agency fee that allows me to offer you a next-day apostille service; please note the time it takes to obtain an apostille is affected by the postal service we engage to send your document to the agency);

- consular legalisation fees, including associated consular agency fees (the fees for this will always need to be quoted for individually because every consulate charges differently);

- courier delivery fees, for the transfer of documents to and from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, consulates and consular agencies, and, where applicable, to your final recipient.  Such fees will invariably be for trackable and guaranteed deliveries to ensure that your transaction is not delayed (I charge a minimum £7.65 for Royal Mail next day guaranteed 1pm delivery; costs may increase for heavier documents and where a faster postal service is required);

-  my travel costs, where I travel to meet you (these will always be by arrangement and calculated by reference to my hourly rate).

What to do if you have any concerns with my service

If you have any concerns as to the service I am offering you, please do not hesitate to call me: 07736 519 288, to explain the problem.

If I am unable to resolve your issue, an informal complaints procedure may be followed through The Notaries Society.  Further details are set out in my Terms of Business.

Name of company

Neil Morgan - Notary Public

Registered office

29 Pemberley Avenue, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, MK40 2LE

Contact details

07736 519 288        notary@neilmorgan.net

The Notaries Society

I am a member of The Notaries Society.

Regulatory authority

I am regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.