Certification of UK degree certificates

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Graduates applying for work overseas are usually required to present their degree certificates after having had them notarised as being genuine by a notary public.

Elizabeth, a recent graduate of Cranfield University, who had a Bachelors and Masters degree in Airline Management, was soon to her return to her home in Poland.  Being exceptionally organised, before departing the UK, Elizabeth wished to organise that I notarise her documents and arrange for them to be delivered to her by courier in Poland.

My first step was to log in to on an online portal to which Universities all over the UK subscribe.  The service permits me to upload a signed consent letter from the student and apply for the relevant University’s confirmation that the student is a genuine graduate of their institution, holding genuine degree certificates.  Ater uploading Elizabeth’s letter of consent to release her personal data to me, I paid the relevant fees and applied for the confirmations.  Some Universities allow themselves up to 14 days to give the relevant confirmations of the degree certificates but I received Elizabeth’s in three days.

Once I had established that her degrees and degree certificates were genuine, I prepared a notarial certificate to that effect and sent it for an apostille.  Elizabeth later contacted me with news that she was going to rely upon my certificates in the United Arab Emirates and that the documents would require consular legalisation by the UAE’s consular section in London.  I arranged for the legalisation to be performed and for the documents to be returned to Elizabeth at home, in Poland.