As a notary public, I certify a copy of a document as being a true copy.

Sometimes that certification goes further to include the words true and complete copy.  Where required and possible, my certificate can also validate that the original document is valid and genuine – that can be important in the case of a passport, a birth certificate, or an academic certificate.  I will take steps to ensure the validity of the original document.  My certificate will either be created in the form of a separate notarial certificate setting out the certification; or, I will write directly on the face of the photocopy itself.  Usually, I need to write on the face of a Disclosure and Barring Service certificate because the recipient wants that document apostilled.  My notarial certification will include an impression of my  notarial seal on either the notarial certificate or the photocopy.  Where practicable, I print my certificate or document I am copying onto my headed paper, including all my business details; and, otherwise, I apply a stamp to the document to mark it with my business details.

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