Purchase and sale of property

Two Business Partners

David and Shelley had been living in England for many years but still owned their original property in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.  The time had come for them to sell the house and they had instructed solicitors to act for them.  The laws of British Colombia required the sale deed to be executed before a notary public who would attest to the document having properly executed by David and Shelley.

Having relied on their passports and proof of current address to identify them as individuals, I followed carefully the signing instructions received from their lawyers to ensure that the paperwork was created properly, in the manner prescribed.  Copies of the documents were scanned to the lawyers by email and the originals despatched by FEDEX.  On another occasion, Michael and Lucy, both Canadian citizens, were in the UK as part of their honeymoon.

While here, it turned out that the purchase in British Colombia of their first house as newlyweds moved on unexpectedly and became due to complete.  Rather than abandon their honeymoon, their lawyers advised that they attend a notary public in the UK to sign the paperwork, including securing their mortgage, before the mortgage expired.  All this came to my attention on a Saturday morning, with the mortgage being due to expire on Monday.  We arranged that they travel some significant distance to meet me on Saturday afternoon and we got everything signed and completed and despatched in time for the Monday deadline.