As a notary public, I verify your identity as an individual involved in an overseas transaction or a legal matter.

I check your own identity documents, such as your passport, your driver’s licence or national identity card.  

I also require a proof of current address for you – usually, in the form of a bank account statement or utility bill. Often, people no longer have these in paper form but that is OK; an online statement is sufficient; and, you can either send me a screen-shot or a PDF of the statement, so that I can keep that in my client records.  

I verify and certify your other evidence of identity, such as your fingerprint, photograph, or your signature.  Sometimes, I verify your identity for documents to be used in the United Kingdom but, in that case, it will be necessary to check that the receiving organisation will accept the attestation by a notary.  

For UK conveyancing transactions, where you are advised to see a Solicitor or Licenced Conveyancer, my signature as a notary public may not be acceptable. That is something we will need to check carefully before I sign the documents for you. I am able to assist with ID1 documents.

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