Remote Notarisation

January 23, 2024

Remote notarisation has been made a whole lot easier by great bits of software that allow me not only to meet you but to identify you, organise your and my electronic signatures; and my application of my seal and stamp to your document; all without you having to leave your desk.  

Whether we can use remote notarisation depends a lot on what it is that needs doing.  

Powers of attorney need to be witnessed in person but that, too, can be solved by you having a witness present with you as part of the signing process.  

Only Statutory Declarations and affidavits present the challenge that we have no law to say whether we can or can’t rely on remote notarisation in the UK.  

Hence, I will err on the side of caution unless your recipient advisers say it is OK for me to remotely notarise those documents.  

Above all, I need to give you a document that works for you, first time.  Get in touch if you want to explore remote notarisation of your documents.