As a notary public, I can authenticate your execution of documents.

My job is to verify that your document is properly signed and sealed by you in accordance with the requirements of the person that is receiving the document.  This is particularly important in the case of powers of attorney being issued to solicitors acting on behalf of buyers or sellers of property in Spain or Portugal or elsewhere.  Issuing a power of attorney to a solicitor in Spain or Portugal avoids you, as a UK-based person, from having to travel to the relevant place for the purposes of signing papers involved in the purchase or sale of a property in Spain or Portugal or elsewhere.  That is helpful because that kind of paperwork can be drawn out over quite an extended period; appointing solicitors in the local town where you are selling or purchasing the property, to act under your power of attorney, means that they can deal with each issue as it arises, without the need to you to travel backwards and forward each time a signature from you is required

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