Sponsorship of student studies abroad

Adele was going to sponsor her nephew’s nursing studies.  Her nephew presently lived in Zimbabwe but had been accepted on a course in Poland.  

To be able to attend the course, her nephew would need a student visa for Poland and that meant travelling to South Africa.  The Polish authorities required that a letter of financial support be submitted with the visa application.  

Adele asked for my assistance in preparing a declaration of support.  This was a very involved document that made reference to her financial status by reference to six months’ of bank statements that had been certified by her bank as having been issued by that bank, current employment (evidenced by a letter from her employer) and her payslips; this particular sponsorship letter also included a deed of her change of name.  

Once my notarial certificate was ready, I arranged for the document to receive an apostille and to be delivered by DHL to her nephew’s address in Zimbabwe, in time to meet his appointment at the Polish embassy.

How do I prepare a sponsorship letter?
What documents should I include with my letter?
Will a print out of an online bank statement be sufficient?
How long does the process take?

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